MLB The Show 17 Gets New Franchise Mode Details

New features to Franchise mode give you more options than ever before while also adding to the game's realism.

Today, Sony San Diego released some new info on the Franchise mode of their upcoming baseball game MLB The Show 17. Fans who are familiar with Franchise mode will be happy to learn that there are a few new ways to play this portion of the game this year.

The first new addition to Franchise mode is called Critical Situations. This new feature lets gamers jump straight into the most crucial moments of a game rather than having to play a full nine inning game. Some of these moments may include important batting situations where runners or already on base, or maybe you are trying to keep a player’s hitting streak intact. This allows games to become shorter while also still allowing players to feel like the have a say in the team’s overall record since they are still the ones making the plays in a game’s biggest situations.  However, you will be tied to only one player per game in these situations, whether they be hitting or fielding moments.

This leads into the next new update to Franchise mode which is called Player Lock. This new addition lets you take hold of one player for an entire game and play all of their at-bats. Longtime fans of MLB The Show will know that this is similar to the game’s Road to the Show mode. The good news is that you can choose a new player to lock-in as for every game, so you aren’t ever tied down to one player only for an entire season.

There are also some new features this year for players who prefer to simulate their games. The new Quick Manage addition to Franchise mode allows you to serve as the team’s manager and make important decision in a game purely through text options. As soon as you make a decision using Quick Manage, its outcome is immediately reflected through a gamecast-like screen. Additionally, if you decide while using Quick Manage that you want to insert yourself into the game, you can do that to. Place yourself directly into the action with just a press of the button.

Lastly, a new feature called Player Quirks will allow players to perform more like they do in real life. Quirks will be given to each player in the game to more closely reflect how they typically perform. For instance, if one player excels in hitting with two strikes on him in the count, then that will be exemplified in the player’s performance. It’s a small feature, but one that adds to the game’s realism.

As a longtime fan of MLB The Show myself, I love all of these new additions to Franchise mode. They’re small adjustments, but they make a big deal in the long run.

A new trailer for the game entitled “Lovefest” was also recently released, and it proves just why everyone loves The Show. You can check it out for yourself below. MLB The Show 17 releases on the PS4 later this month on March 28.


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