MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode, Pre-Order Bonuses, Regional Covers, and Livestream Schedule Detailed

MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode, Pre-Order Bonuses, Regional Covers, and Livestream Schedule Detailed

In a post today on PlayStation Blog, SIE San Diego Studio detailed the Retro Mode, pre-order bonuses, regional covers, and upcoming livestream schedule for MLB The Show 17.

Retro Mode makes the game playable with only one button, but still all of the new animations, gameplay additions, and improvements found in the main game. Pitching in this modes only has players worrying about velocity, break, and control of the ball.  Fastballs are thrown by holding down on the left analog stick and pressing X. To throw a changeup, players must hold up on the left analog stick and press X. Throwing a slider has players pressing to the left or right on the left analog stick after the pitch is released. Players can also move around the batter and the pitcher, and some more strategic depth to the simplistic gameplay.

Pre-ordering MLB The Show 17 automatically nets players 10 bonus Standard Packs and a Ken Griffey Jr. Card for The Show 17. Pre-ordering at GameStop or EB Games brings that total up to fifteen to 15. Those who pre-order from the PlayStation Store will instantly receive 11,000 Stubs for MLB The Show 16.

While Ken Griffith Jr. is on the cover of MLB The Show 17 in North America and some other territories, Canada and Taiwan have their own regional covers. Blue Jays Pitcher Aaron Sanchez graces the Canadian Cover, while Miami Marlins starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen is featured once again on Taiwan’s cover. You can view both covers below.

SIE San Diego Studio’s upcoming MLB The Show 17 livestream schedule was also detailed. There will be one video blog and one Twitch livestream for the game every week from February 7 until release. You can see a picture of the full schedule below:


A video covering all of these things was also released, which you can see below. MLB The Show 17 will be available exclusively on PS4 March 28.