MLB The Show 18 Will Add Three-Inning Abbreviated Games

SIE San Diego Studios' latest edition to the MLB The Show series is 3-inning games, debuting in PS4's upcoming MLB The Show 18.

February 17, 2018

Fun fact — did you know that the longest game of Major League Baseball ever played was on May 8, 1984? The game — pitting the Brewers and the White Sox — went an incredible 25 innings long. The result was a game of baseball clocking in at eight hours and six minutes. If that sounds like the 25th circle of hell for you don’t worry, MLB The Show 18  has your back.

In a brand new trailer for the terrific baseball series on PS4, a brand new mode was highlighted for the series: 3 Inning Games. While the standard game of baseball typically goes for nine innings — three-times as long — MLB The Show 18 will offer abbreviated experiences for those looking for sessions in the minute (not hour) range.


Aside from shortening the length of the game, no other additions to the mode are readily apparent. That’s not to say the mode needs anything else mind you — because just having an abbreviated version of a standard baseball game is a great addition to draw in less-hardcore fans of the sport. On top of that, it isn’t clear whether this is an offline or single-player exclusive option, but hopefully it extends to the whole game.

This is far from the first new feature being added to MLB The Show 18. Earlier this week, a video surfaced showcasing the new batting stance creator. This new option is a boon for customization fans that have wanted to switch up their hand, foot, hip, and elbow location in-game.

MLB The Show is one of the longest-running sport series in the modern console generation, and well-regarded as the best when it comes to baseball. The series started first with MLB 06: The Show on PlayStation 2 by SIE San Diego Studio — the developers still in charge of the modern versions.

MLB The Show 18 will launch exclusively for PS4 on March 27, 2018. Check out the new video below:

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