MLB The Show 18 Receives a Video Detailing the Brand New Batting Stance Creator

A new video has been released for PS4 exclusive MLB The Show 18, which delves into the new batting stance creator and other new animations.

on February 13, 2018 3:12 PM

While MLB The Show 18, the latest entry in Sony’s annual baseball series, is poised to release exclusively on PS4 in just over a month, we still don’t know a ton about it when it comes to what’s new. That seems to be changing today though, as the game’s developers began a weekly show today that will cover most of what MLB The Show 18 has to offer. The first video covers one the game’s new features: a batting stance creator.

This feature will allow players to go into the game’s player customization menus and choose their hand, foot, hip, and elbow’s locations in order to create a stance that they like. The developers also revealed in the video that MLB The Show 18 will include new reactionary animations to home-runs, depending on how important it is to that game.

Some other team-specific celebrations have also been added to give each individual team more of its own flair. Sony San Diego recently released a trailer for the game revealing that Babe Ruth will be playable in-game. Hopefully, we will receive some more insightful videos between now and launch that will show us what truly separates MLB The Show 18 from previous titles in the series.

You can check out the batting stance creator video below. MLB The Show 18 will launch exclusively for PS4 on March 27.

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