MLB The Show 19’s First Gameplay Footage Revealed in a Video Dedicated Entirely to Bartolo Colón

MLB The Show 19’s First Gameplay Footage Revealed in a Video Dedicated Entirely to Bartolo Colón

Gaze upon the majesty of Big Sexy in the latest trailer for MLB The Show 19.

There hasn’t been much news on the MLB The Show 19 front so far in 2019, but it seems today Sony finally decided to break that mold by revealing the first brief look at gameplay from this year’s edition of the baseball sim. The only problem is that this footage and the trailer as a whole is meant to be one big joke more than anything else.

Sony released a new video for MLB The Show 19 which is dedicated entirely to the greatness of Bartolo Colón. The video starts off as a faux cologne ad for a fragrance known as “Bartolo.” The trailer then shifts to show some footage highlighting exclusively Bartolo Colón in his former Mets garb. There’s not much to see, but the video is meant to highlight the goofiness and greatness of Bartolo more than it is meant to highlight the game itself.

For those unaware of who Bartolo Colón is, he’s basically the biggest meme of Major League Baseball. The 45-year old pitcher nicknamed “Big Sexy” has been playing in the MLB since 1997 and has in recent years become a punchline, not because of his poor play (he’s actually still pretty good), but instead because of his antics on the field.

By far Colón’s most popular stint came in a three year run with the New York Mets from 2014 through 2016. His popularity exploded in his time with the Mets due to the number of plays he made which went viral. Some of these included an awkward behind-the-back throw to first base and a home run which Mets’ announcers referred to as “one of the great moments in the history of baseball.” Basically, fans just think he’s funny because he’s a chubby old dude out here still playing baseball well into his 40s. Oh, and he also has a secret family.

Fortunately, if this isn’t the gameplay footage you wanted to see for MLB The Show 19, then your real first look at the game should be arriving soon. Today’s trailer ends with the note that the first official gameplay for the title will be revealed next week on February 5. It’s also worth noting that this year’s edition of the game still hasn’t finalized its cover art because Bryce Harper, the player donning the box art for MLB The Show 19, still hasn’t signed with a new team. Free agency has been moving at a snail’s pace this year and it’s surely put Sony San Diego in an awkward spot as a result.

Anyway, the goofy Bartolo trailer is attached below if you want to check it out. MLB The Show 19 is due out later this spring on March 26, exclusively for PS4.

As for Big Sexy himself, he still hasn’t signed a contract to play with a team in 2019, but he says he hopes to return again for his 22nd season.