MLB The Show 19’s First Official Gameplay Trailer is Here

MLB The Show 19’s First Official Gameplay Trailer is Here

MLB The Show 19 has released its first look at this year's gameplay and yep, that looks like baseball to me.

After last week’s faux gameplay trailer centered on Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colón, Sony and San Diego Studios have today revealed the first actual gameplay footage for MLB The Show 19.

As you might expect, we see a whole lot of home runs and a bunch of slick defensive plays carried out by some of the MLB’s best players in this trailer. It’s a fairly straightforward video but again shows off just how great these games continue to look year after year. We also get a few quick looks at players who are donning new uniforms this season such as Andrew McCutchen on the Philadelphia Phillies and Yasiel Puig on the Cincinnati Reds.

Likely the best part of the trailer comes at the very end though where we see one of baseball’s all-time greats in Willie Mays making his iconic basket catch. For those not aware of why this is a big deal, Mays hasn’t ever been in an MLB The Show game before. Last year’s installment focused heavily on the addition of Babe Ruth and it seems like The Show 19 is following up by adding Mays to the game. The addition of classic players has been a big selling point of the last few MLB The Show titles, and this year seems to be no different.

So what’s next for MLB The Show 19? Well, Sony San Diego laid out a roadmap for the game today as well. Every week from now until release, the studio will be highlighting some of the new features that have been added to MLB The Show 19 this year. You can see this layout in the image below.

MLB The Show 19's First Official Gameplay Trailer is Here

Also, as a routine reminder in these MLB The Show 19 articles, the game’s cover athlete Bryce Harper still has not signed with a team this offseason. With spring training coming right around the corner, you’d have to imagine that Harper will sign somewhere soon, but it’s still hard to say when that might happen. Until then, Harper continues to wear street clothes on the current box art for MLB The Show 19.

Anyway, you can find today’s new gameplay video attached down below. MLB The Show 19 is scheduled to land on PS4 later this spring on March 26. And in the real world, pitchers and catchers start reporting to spring training in less than a week. Thank God it’s baseball season.