MLB The Show 19’s New March to October Mode Will Have You Playing in Shorter Bursts

MLB The Show 19’s New March to October Mode Will Have You Playing in Shorter Bursts

MLB The Show 19 for PS4 is spicing things up with a new mode called March to October that allows players to get through seasons faster.

Annualized sports games often get criticized for doing little change things up year-over-year; instead, they usually opt to iterate on preexisting features and marginally improve the visuals. While Sony Interactive Entertainment’s MLB The Show series is extremely fun, some could argue that this franchise has succumbed to this pattern as well over the past year or two. While it isn’t a groundbreaking addition, Sony San Diego is looking to spice things up this year in MLB The Show 19 with a new mode called March to October.

Building on last year’s addition of three-inning games, March to October is set to be a mode for those looking to get through baseball’s lengthy seasons a bit faster. Instead of playing every part of every game, March to October will only have players “team’s most key games and moments.” The developers teased this mode by releasing several 7 second videos highlighting different features, the first of which you can see below.

Several different elements are at play as players progress through each season via a series of “episodes”. Wins and losses influence team momentum, which helps determine how a player’s selected team performs. March to October will also feature unique commentary which is said to dynamically change depending on what situation the player’s team finds itself in as the season progresses.

Overall, the developers and Sony San Diego made it clear in the PlayStation Blog post announcing this mode that they are aiming to made MLB The Show 19’s March to October mode as seamless and quick possible. Each team and the players and GMs within them have unique missions that were teased within two more short trailers.

The main goal in March to October is, of course, to reach the World Series. After doing so, players can connect to the internet and obtain more and more team-exclusive awards depending on the difficulty they decide to play on. While MLB The Show is no longer on a portable system like PS Vita that would really benefit from a mode like this, it still seems to be a nice addition for those who don’t have as much time to spend on MLB The Show 19.

You can check out a final short trailer for March to October below. MLB The Show 19 is poised to release exclusively for PS4 on March 26.