MLB The Show 20 Adds Online Seasons to Growing List of Ways to Play

MLB The Show 20 adds Online Custom Seasons to replace some of what was lost when Sony San Diego got rid of the popular Online Franchise mode last year.

As most MLB The Show fans know, Sony San Diego took out Online Franchises, one of the fan-favorite modes, in The Show 19. Obviously, fans of that mode were less than thrilled with the decision. The mode isn’t quite coming back for MLB The Show 20; however, there is going to be a new online mode for players to sink their teeth into. Online Custom Seasons brings some of that Online Franchise flavor to the game with a few new wrinkles of its own.

Online Custom Seasons in MLB The Show 20 is basically an easy way for you and a few friends to play through a few MLB seasons together. There is no limit on how many seasons you can play through, meaning you can take this as far as you want. It sounds pretty basic on the surface, but Sony San Diego is doing a few neat things to make the mode more interesting.

My personal favorite addition is how the team is bringing in rosters. You can, of course, use the basic MLB 40-man roster to decide your teams. However, if you’ve built up a solid stable of players in The Show‘s Diamond Dynasty mode, you can import them in. And, if your friend has purchased hundreds of dollars in Stubs to make a god-tier team, you can set a limit on the team’s overall to keep things even. As someone who plays a ton of FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team, this is an addition I love. Getting to take the players you’ve worked so hard (or spent so much money) to get into modes outside of Diamond Dynasty is a move that more devs should think about adding. Konami actually did this in PES 2020 with their legends, but it’s great to see more teams taking this route.

MLB The Show 20‘s Custom Leagues also lets you and your friends play at your pace. You don’t actually have to play your games in order. So, if one of your friends is online, you can just play that series, even if the in-game calendar doesn’t match up. It sounds like the perfect quality of life feature to help keep your season running smoothly.

MLB The Show 20 launches on PS4 March 17.

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