MLB The Show 21 New Diamond Dynasty Battle Royale Rewards - How To Get Musial, Chapman, and Pujols

By Dean James

August 17, 2021

MLB The Show 21’s Diamond Dynasty is consistently getting new player cards to work towards collecting and now there are a few more Battle Royale rewards to try and obtain, and this guide is to help with MLB The Show How To Get Musial and the other two new cards.

There are a variety of different game types within Diamond Dynasty, but one of the most grueling of all is that of Battle Royale.

Rewards given within Battle Royale change quite often and three of the latest involve a 99 overall Awards Stan Musial, a 97 overall Signature Aroldis Chapman and a 97 overall 2nd Half Heroes Albert Pujols as revealed by the MLB The Show Twitter.

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MLB The Show How To Get Musial, Chapman, and Pujols

For anyone that has never played it before, Battle Royale is found within Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21 and is an online exclusive game mode. While your first time playing is free, you will have to pay a fairly minimal number of stubs to play Battle Royale with each subsequent attempt.

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Battle Royale consists of anywhere from three to 14 three inning games against online competition, but you will not be using your existing Diamond Dynasty team. Instead, you will be using an entirely new squad that you will draft from top to bottom across a 26 round draft.

Your main goal in Battle Royale is to not lose three games. Doing so will eliminate you from contention and require you to start all over again, but reaching certain amounts of wins before getting eliminated can provide you with special rewards, including the newly added cards that will help us with the goal in MLB The Show How To Get Musial.

The reward tiers are for three wins, six wins, nine wins, 12 wins, and those who go a step further and go 12-0. The newly added 97 overall Second Half Heroes Albert Pujols from the 2010 season will be available in the 90+ player pack for getting 12 wins. This means you can lose two games along the way, but still get 12 wins before getting the eliminating third loss. Pujols is not a guarantee though, as he’s just a possibility in this pool now.

Getting the 99 overall MVP Award Stan Musial or 97 overall Signature Aroldis Chapman will be even harder, though there’s no random element involved. For these two, you will have to win every single game and go 12-0 in Battle Royale. This is a tall task that few will be able to actually pull off, but you can keep trying while these two cards are active.

By going 12-0 in Battle Royale, you will be given the special BR Flawless 12-0 pack that allows you to pick one player, which will be either Musial or Chapman.

MLB The Show 21 is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, with it being included with Xbox Game Pass for the latter platforms.

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