MLB The Show 21 Postseason Event To Give Double XP

Work towards completing the Seventh Inning Program quicker with MLB The Show 21 Double XP Days!

By Dean James

October 5, 2021

The Major League Baseball postseason is officially underway as of today with the first Wild Card games being played and MLB The Show 21 is set to celebrating the postseason with their special Double XP Days.

Double XP is nothing new in MLB The Show 21, but this time it is back again just in time for the postseason.

Being able to earn XP in half the time is very worth your time, with you having about a week and a half to take advantage of it.

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Why is Sony’s MLB The Show 21 on Game Pass?

Why is Sony’s MLB The Show 21 on Game Pass?

MLB The Show 21 Double XP Days

The MLB The Show 21 Double XP Days kicked off today, October 5, alongside the first Wild Card game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

This Double XP event will not run through the entire playoffs, but will last until Friday, October 15 around 11 am PT.

During this event, you will earn twice as much XP as you normally would have earned at any given time in the game, which is a major help.

Do be careful though when trying to rack up XP that will get doubled, because any sort of server error can erase anything earned while playing.

This is especially problematic when trying to somewhat cheese the system and earn XP at a much more efficient rate. As a result, it’s better to do little bunches of XP earnings with the double XP rather than going with long play sessions every time.

What Can The Double XP Help With?

MLB The Show 21 introduced the Seventh Inning Program a couple of weeks ago and introduced players to three new bosses that you can take down.

Making your way through the Seventh Inning Program will take a lot of XP, which is where the Double XP Days will really come in handy in the next few weeks.

Earning XP in the Seventh Inning Program will lead to a lot of fantastic rewards that you will really want to obtain if you can, with there being no better time to do so than while this even is going on that will half the time it will take you to complete them.

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