MLB The Show 21 Servers Down Today (August 17) - Server Maintenance Schedule

Servers will be taken offline today for scheduled maintenance!

By Kyle Knight

August 17, 2021

The official Twitter Account for MLB The Show 21 has revealed that the game’s servers will be down today (August 17) for some server maintenance.

So, if you’ve just jumped into MLB The Show 21 and found you can’t log in, it’s likely related to the server maintenance and not your own personal internet connection.

Here’s everything you need to know about the MLB The Show 21 downtime, including what the maintenance is for and when players are expected to be able to jump back into the game.

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MLB The Show 21 – Accolades Trailer

MLB The Show 21 – Accolades Trailer

Are MLB The Show 21 Servers Down Today On August 17th?

Yes, the MLB The Show 21 Twitter Account informed fans that the game’s servers will be taken offline at the following times:

  • 4AM PT
  • 7AM ET
  • 12PM BST

The developers have advised players to complete all games prior to the servers going offline at the aforementioned times. This is to ensure no progress is lost if you are mid-game as the servers go down.

Is There A New Update For MLB The Show 21 Today?

There have been no reports of an update attached to the MLB The Show 21 server maintenance today (August 17). The server downtime is likely for simple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Usually, if a new Title Update is required after server maintenance, it is announced on the social media accounts for the game. But this time, it appears to be just simply server maintenance.

However, according to the recently released schedule for MLB The Show 21, new program rewards and two new flawless choice pack players are set to arrive in the Battle Royale mode today.

It’s possible that these new rewards are enabled after the server maintenance.

We will make sure to update this article if any more information becomes available regarding the August 17th server downtime.

When Will MLB The Show 21 Servers Be Back Online?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific time for when the MLB The Show 21 servers will come back online. But based on previous server downtimes, players will likely be able to jump back in around the following times:

  • 10AM PT
  • 1PM ET
  • 6PM BST

Please note that these are not official times and simply an average of when servers usually come back online after scheduled maintenance.

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