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Baseball fans everywhere rejoice today as MLB The Show 21 finally hits the shelves. As players explore all that the game has to offer, plenty are looking for a little bit of help.

Today is a significant moment for the MLB The Show series. This is the first time that the Sony developed franchise is coming to Microsoft consoles. With its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, more people are able to jump in and play than ever before.

Because there are most likely newcomers to the series playing MLB The Show for the first time today, not everyone knows all the controls. Here’s how to slide in MLB The Show 21.

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How to Slide in MLB The Show 21

Controlling the bases is an important part of every baseball teams’ strategy. If you’re wanting to get the edge in MLB The Show 21, you’re going to need to know exactly how to take control when you’re on the offensive.

Learning how to slide in MLB The Show 21 isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Usually, the game’s AI will help decide whether or not you should be sliding based on where the ball is moving as you’re getting to the base. That said, there is a way to control the slide a little bit more manually.

To slide into a base, hold down the left bumper as you get towards it and either tilt the right stick up or down to choose which way you’re sliding: feet first or head first respectively. From there, you should be consistently sliding to bases and hopefully being called safe.

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