MLB2K10 Developer Call Conference

Today DualShockers listened in on the MLB2K10 Developer Call conference and got to hear insight behind the game and daily operations at 2K Sports from Ben Bishop (Producer, 2K Sports), Jonathan Rivera (Gameplay Designer, 2K Sports), Sean Bailey (Gameplay Designer, 2K Sports), with questions posed by Chase (Moderator, Access Communications).  The team expresses what gamers and sports fans alike had to say about MLB2K9 and how they built MLB2K10 with the last game’s shortcomings in mind.  They also cover questions covering topics from the cover athlete, on MLB2K10 to how MLB helped 2K Sports keep the game realistic, and more.Read more to hear about the changes made on MLB2K10, made from the ground up, and why it will be rocking all consoles soon as a serious contender for Baseball Game of the Year.

The developers in the conference get right into the action by letting us know that everyone out there who can buy a game or likes sports gets their input considered at 2K Sports.  MLB2K10 has been crafted using the input from fans who express themselves everywhere from message boards, to polls, and direct messages.  With a serious focus on pitching and batting changes, the redesign of this series is all about realism.  What separates MLB2K10 from other games on the market is the realism, with the analyzers being added to the game the player will feel more like the realistic challenge of pitching as an athlete in the MLB.

All of the expected icings on the cake of this baseball title will be present, including dynamic commentary, as well as innovations made in other 2K Sports games such as improved online invite interfaces allowing players to meet up for a game easier.  The realistic quality of mirroring real life with wearing down pitchers, timing’s impact on hits, as well as the mental game between pitchers and hitters.  The batter’s eye, for example, will show players the pitch coming at players clearly based on the real life eyesight ratings of the athlete they are controlling.  Animations, physics, and A.I. have all been dramatically upgraded and will be much more lifelike to provide the ultimate immersion.

Other innovations have been made to enhance realism and fun factor in this game.  The new My Player mode has been crafted with a wide variety of goals that allow you to play the game the way you want to with a realistic enjoyable experience.  Improvements in simulation for Franchise mode will also allow players to simulate a game partially then jump in at any point to take over for the win.  Spring training and other micromanaging abilities have been added for hardcore sports fans.  Issues have also been solved with frame rate issues, lag, and artificial intelligence.

The MLB Today feature allows players to experience real life events in MLB2K10 with commentary, injuries, changes in lineup, and beyond.  There is still a franchise mode that will allow players to make their own trades, MLB2K10 franchise commentary, overlays, and presentation will still be updated in real time by the MLB Today feature.  Gamers and sports fans will surely unite to experience the games that your favorite teams are playing, when they are playing them!

The team also wants everyone out there to know that they are focusing on making the best multi-platform baseball game they can, and will not be focusing more on any one console than the others.  This should ease worries of a lot of gamers considering picking this game up soon.  Pitching in MLB2K10 is better then ever.  If there is any gamer out there who is able to pitch a perfect game in MLB2K10, they will even be able to win a million dollars!  The pitch count and fatigue of your pitcher will be the toughest challenge in succeeding this.

When asked about the cover athlete, Evan Longoria, 2K Sports was quick to tell us that he is an athlete who is also a gamer.  Part of why he was the best fit all around for 2K Sports’ cover of MLB2K10 is the way Evan provided input to many areas of the game as well as being a personable, fun-loving guy.  2K Sports also explained that they work very closely with many MLB players and that most of them believe the ratings in the game are fair.  They are constantly taking criticism seriously from their players about how to improve the realistic quality to the game.

From the way the developers at 2K Sports developers speak about their intimate knowledge of MLB athletes and their tenancies, you can expect an incredibly realistic, fine-tuned, fun baseball game in MLB 2K10.  As we let readers know earlier this month, the soundtrack of the game will be a great mix of exhilarating music from artists like Tantric.  When asked about MLB2K10 against the other big baseball game out there, 2K Sports is confident that gamers will be impressed with the entirely new entry to the series.  The team at 2K Sports listens to feedback from all sources, MLB2K10 will provide a new baseball experience for gamers on all platforms which the team feels will deliver more fun and more control than any other baseball game out.

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