MLG Asks: How Would You Measure Up?

By Josh Wright

March 28, 2010

Thousands of gamers showed up in Nashville to see how they measure up against the best. One chance to capture the dream of becoming a Pro-Gamer on the MLG Circuit. This writer had the opportunity to follow Totz, one of the MLG Pros, around today to see exactly what it is they look for when evaluating the competitors at the MLG/Doritos Combine.

First things first, gamers have to be selected by one of the Pro/Evaluators before they even make it to the evaluation station. That means you have to catch their eye with great game play while participating against the other competitors. As Totz walks around the many gaming stations in this sprawling complex, he pays attention to every detail that happens on the screen. How composed a player is during the match, if he can handle him or herself while keeping his own kill streak in check, and finally if the gamer can shoot straight. You would be surprised. If you want to make it to the evaluation station, then you better bring your A game. Only then will you be branded with the “You Have Been Selected” sticker. This is the ultimate reward for this competition.

Once you make it to the evaluation station, gamers get a sit down with the many Pro-Gamers in attendance. Their job is to watch you play and tell you if you have what it takes to play with the big boys. This is done with a MLG report card. Gamers are graded on four categories that are essential for not only success on the Pro-Circuit, but also survival.

Here’s what you have to do: 

  • The first category is Communication: Can the gamer communicate with his teammates effectively. This crucial in the 4v4 world of gaming. If you can’t communicate with your teammates, then your dead. You can’t make it in big time gaming without it, and you won’t make it at the MLG Combine without it.
  • The second category is Shot Accuracy: Whether your online playing a game of Halo 3, MW2, or Bad Company 2, you can’t win if you can’t shoot.
  • The third category is Decision Making: Many times in the team format, if you can’t make quick decisions your team can be out of a match before it starts. Lose the upper ground in Halo 3 and your toast. Decision making skills are a vital part of team and individual gaming.
  • The fourth and final category is Teamwork: This one really goes without saying. If your team is made up of 4 gamers who know nothing about the other’s style, then you might be in for a long match. Make sure before you go into any competition that you know what the guy next to you is going to do. Is he going high? Is he going to hold his position? These are things need to know before you embark on any type of tournament or just playing around with your friends. Get to know one another and have a game plan.

Watching these Pros and sitting down and listening to the advice they give gamers really says a lot about the great people involved with MLG. No other sport allows gamers and fans to interact with their Pros like MLG does. My hat is off to Sundance and everyone who is making amateur gamers dreams come true. Check out one of the upcoming Combines gamers, it is worth your while and you might just learn something. More articles from the MLG/Doritos Combine are coming. Stay tuned to DualShockers for all the action.

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