MLG Releases StarCraft II Invitational Broadcast Schedule

on September 21, 2012 6:03 PM

MLG today released the broadcast schedule for their MLG vs Proleague invitational series. Kicking off on Thursday, September 27th, the series will take place over the next following weeks and end on October 15th. After that, the playoffs will take place over eleven days, from October 19th to the 29th.

MvP will include the top 48 Starcraft II players from Korea, the United States, and Europe. The 24 top ranked players from the Korean E-sports Association will take up half the roster, while MLG players from around the world will make up the other half. Watch as the players compete for $10,000 cash as well as eight spots at MLG Dallas in November. The full schedule is below.


Thursday, Sept 27
Friday, Sept 28
Monday, Oct 1
Friday, Oct 5
Monday, Oct 8
Friday, Oct 12
Monday, Oct 15

Friday, Oct 19 – Round 1 – Europe & Korea/Taiwan
Saturday, Oct 20 – Round 1 – Proleague Day 1
Sunday, Oct 21 –  Round 1 – Proleague Day 2
Monday, Oct 22 – Round 1 – North America
Tuesday, Oct 23 – Quarterfinals – Proleague
Thursday, Oct 25 – Quarterfinals – NA vs. NA & EU vs. KT
Friday, Oct 26 – Semifinals – PL vs. PL & NA vs. EU/KT
Monday, Oct 29 – Final – MLG Finalist vs. Proleague Finalist

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