MLG Sells Ownership of Smashboards To… Chris Brown?

on November 27, 2012 9:17 AM

Wait, what? No, I don’t mean that Chris Brown. According to a post on Smash World Forums, MLG Inc. has sold their ownership of The world’s largest Super Smash Bros. community is now under the ownership of Xyelot LLC, a company owned by a long time Smash player and forum administrator that goes by the moniker “AlphaZealot”.

Brown’s first order of business is to tidy the place up, as the forums and site have become somewhat dated in its time under MLG’s control. In the month of December, Smashboards will be down for some time to transfer from MLG’s servers to a dedicated server all its own. Brown has opened another forum for discussion of the sale, but has not yet answered any questions pertaining to it.


Source: Smash World Forums

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