MLG/Doritos Combine Crowns Adrenaline Rush 4v4 Champions

on March 29, 2010 12:41 AM

MLG/Doritos Combine Crowns Adrenaline Rush 4v4 ChampionsA juggernaut that tore through opponents round after round and a team that looked destined for greatness, something had to give. And when the dust settled, only one team remained to call themselves the 1st Champions of the MLG/Doritos Combine 4v4 Champions, Adrenaline Rush.

Areallygoodnoob, Blaze, Jerawockee, and Dubay overcame a great effort from The Yellow Dragons in an extended 4-2 series. Adrenaline Rush was already up 2-0 due to extended play from an earlier Winner’s Bracket round. The Yellow Dragons consisting of Wise, Willy, Piggy, and Ashes gave a valiant fight till the end, but couldn’t overcome the winning edge of Adrenaline Rush. They did much better than most of the other opponents Adrenaline Rush faced throughout the tournament. Taking 2 rounds and were in each of the other rounds losing two by 1 point each.

MLG/Doritos Combine Crowns Adrenaline Rush 4v4 Champions

Hats off to all of the competitors from the weekend as everyone gave their best. Sad thing about competition is there can only be 1 winner. Adrenaline Rush earns a $500 prize and an all expense paid trip to Orlando for the season kick off of the MLG Pro Circuit Series. Special coverage of Adrenaline Rush will be provided at the tournament so check back to DualShockers as we bring you all the MLG news you can handle.

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