MLG/Doritos Combine Day 2

By Josh Wright

March 28, 2010

Day 2 of the MLG/Doritos Combine was full of gamers realizing their dreams were getting that much closer to not happening. Frantic game play for most gamers did occur. However, there were many teams in 4v4 that were holding their own. 196 Teams started the day with many separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

And that my friends is hard to do. There are over 1000 gamers throwing to this tournament and with that level of competion you have to make every second count. Nerves were the name of the day as the 4v4 started off with some impressive game play and some near upsets of the higher seeds. Some prevailed while others were left to think what might have been. That’s the hard part about playing in the 4v4 series, if your teammate has an off day, it can affect the whole outcome of the match. Most teams looked ready to go, strategy was overheard between teams and the coaches. Sunday is what it’s all about.

Day 3 will tell the tale as Adrenaline, the FFA Champ, and his team Impact can truly wreak the havoc that everybody is expecting. Adrenaline came into the tournament more focused on the 4v4 match-ups, but came away so far with the FFA title and a little boost of confidence as he heads into the second portion of his weekend. But you can be certain that no team will go down with a fight. If there is one thing I have learned while watching this tournament is that none of these young people even have the word quit in their vocabulary.

Here are the top 20 seeds in the Halo 3 4v4 competition:

  • Seed Team Name Captain Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
  1. Hood Ninjas: ~Aries~/ Jesse/ .Peace Trip./  -MoNsTeR-
  2. Power BUK: _20/ Reaction./ EU-MVP/ BUK57
  3. Take Respect:ReVamp./ HaloKnight/_tR Beast_ /702 SyNoX
  4. For the Glory:Dad_Duse/ kless12 /TF_x_Nightmare /wHo Is PoPcOrN
  5. IMPACT:lAdr3naLin3l /Lxthul /BeAsTx./ Elitest
  6. Victorious Secret:Fugo/ xWatch l /SwiftKil l l /Big Blue l
  7. The Yellow Dragons:Wiise/ owilly/ PlGGY/ Ashes
  8. Ascendancy:x7rEmE/ Plasmaad/ ZykLahN/ NickeL.9
  9. Infamous:Hangmann/ XAMBL3R /HeLLuVa/ MuNoZ
  10. Four of a Kind:EffinnNinja/ Google/_NaTe Mac./ Aye-Rab
  11.  Revenge:PPrawN/ ZaxtuN/ J-Swerv3 /Aptitude_
  12. Adrenaline Rush:a.realygoodnoob/ 7sblaze/ JeRawockee/ Dubay
  13.  Rubber Duckies:ProjectPatty/ Ninja_Kitty/ vEnoMmmm /xHaggie
  14. SuperNatural:iEli_X /Calmm/ i-POiSON/ KonShi
  15.  G4G Prototype:ZildjiaN/ durka123/ Amplifye/ .Krunchy
  16. Count Three and Pray:iDeMiiZe/ D34DLYFORCE/ .KillZoNe./ DX-Knight
  17. LEGION:Exerted/ won_shott_won/ -SheeK- /LuckSide
  18. Guilty Pleasure:0KleanUp0/ GARB01/ icbti Napolean/ Shook On3
  19. Shady like Trees:oJoM/ Sauccy/ LD_Cratos/ BananaCognac31
  20. HOSTILE:3njoy_boi/ kcwave/ RaBBiT /.BoNeChiLLa

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This Top 20 seeds represent not even half of the field that has been battling through winners and losers brackets today. Teams letting themselves be know early are European talents Power and LowLandLions who have both rolled to WBR2 wins. Joining them in WBR3 will be the likes of Victorious Secret, Count Three & Pray, Infamous, and the top seed, Hood Ninjas.

Check back with DualShockers as we bring you the exciting 4v4 Halo 3 finals from the MLG/Doritos Combine in Nashville, TN. Also, stay tuned to DualShockers for our exclusive interview with the founder of MLG, Sundance, and also Pro Gamer  Totz, as he give us a little inside information on what it takes to be a MLG Pro-Gamer. Stick around.

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