MMA Fighter vs. EA Dev

MMA Fighter vs. EA Dev

Never thought you may see that title ever in your life time did you? Since EA is making their own version of an MMA title they may have asked for this. MMA is explosive and full of characters and probably one of the biggest characters has to be Jason “Mayhem” Miller. You may better know him from the MTV show “Bully Beatdown” where bullies pretty much get their asses kicked by MMA fighters and Mayhem is the crazy loudmouth host. Well EA decided to show off the game to some of the fighters including Mayhem and he decided to make them shit themselves when he was showed his stats. Watch as Rob Hydar, EA MMA Head Developer, shits his pants and then breathes the biggest sigh of relief when he is told that its just a joke.

2 responses to “MMA Fighter vs. EA Dev”

  1. loop-s-pool says:

    Haha that was funny cant wait till 5

  2. Hard to tell if he was joking the whole time, or decided somewhere in the middle of his tirade that he better not go on with this and then decided to make it into a joke…

    Still funny as hell regardless.