MMO Dofus Valentine’s Day Event

on February 13, 2010 2:51 PM

Any of our Massively Multiplayer Online loving readers out there playing Dofus 2.0 right now?  With over 25 million players worldwide this MMORPG stands out because of its vibrant manga-inspired graphics.  This game is something manga and MMO fans should definitely check out and what better time then now?  You can play for free in the Non-Member (F2P) zones or subscribe for more by signing up at the website.  Read below about the event:

For a limited time, players will encounter puffball-like creatures called Gobballs, and learn that these creatures have been fed special chocolates consisting of a blended of chili and other spices, to accelerate their reproduction. But as it turns out, the chocolates have made these Gobballs sick – chronic Chocrosis – and as a result is turning them aggressive, as well as changing their coloring temporarily to pink.

As this love sickness spreads – luckily the contamination will only last one day, February 14th – Gobballs will attached themselves to players in the DOFUS world. Players confronting the afflicted Gobballs can earn a special box of chocolates if they win the match.

To find out more about the Valentine’s Day Gobball Massacre in Dofus, please visit:

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