Mobile Puzzle Game Wilful Kitty Launches on iOS and Android Today to Teach Us a Lesson

Wilful Kitty is a casual puzzler where you try to feed a cat enough treats to make it run around your house like mad, naturally giving you a high score. It also aims to inform people that pets need to be well taken care of.

Sole developer of Unexpect3rd Developments, Edmund Ching has announced the release of his twelfth game, Wilful Kitty, a puzzler with a message to would-be pet owners.

As his first endeavor creating a game in pixel art, Ching decided to combine his love of cats and casual puzzle games. So, Wilful Kitty was born.

In Wilful Kitty, players slide ingrediants around in order to make treats to feed to the cat. Wilful Kitty is a high score chaser, so if you wind up making something that the cat actually wants, you’ll get bonus points. If you feed the cat enough to fill its meter, it will enter into a “Hyper Dash” mode, rushing around the room, knocking various elements over, but also providing higher points and revealing coins in the process.

When the player receives enough coins, s/he can unlock a new cat to adopt or a new room to play in. When unlocking a new element, the player is reminded that real-life animals are always available at adoption centers and to always make sure that pets are safe.

Wilful Kitty is available for free on the App Store and Google Play right now.

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