Mobility-Scooter Racer Coffin Dodgers Comes to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2016

on January 25, 2016 1:55 PM

There is plenty of dark humor in video games, but upcoming racer Coffin Dodgers may take the cake. The title, coming to PlayStation 4 this spring, lets players control an elderly person in their literal race against death. After modding out your mobility scooter, the old folk go head-to-head against the Grim Reaper and his army of zombies in cart-racing championship series.

On top of typical racing modes, Coffin Dodgers brings a traditional battle mode (a competent version sorely missing from Mario Kart 8) for 2-4 local multiplayer. Additionally, if you pull in first for the championship, you get to play as the Grim Reaper himself and collect the souls of the elderly. According to the PlayStation Blog, additional play modes include time trials, single-player story, quick races, and an open-world “Crazy Granddad” mode.

Coffin Dodgers is already available on PC, but will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2016. Check out the screenshots below to check out the death-defying action.

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