Mobius Final Fantasy Interview -- Square Enix Talks Three-Year Anniversary, More Collaborations, and the Future of Mobius

We spoke to Mobius Final Fantasy project leader, Takashi Shiraga, about future collaborations, evolving the game three years later, and more.

Mobius Final Fantasy recently celebrated its third anniversary. The game initially launched with the goal of bringing a modern console-like take on Final Fantasy to phones across the world. To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with the game’s project leader, Takashi Shiraga, to talk about the future of the game and keeping up with the returning fanbase after all of these years.

Jordan Boyd: Now that it’s the third anniversary of Mobius Final Fantasy, would you say that your team fully captured the vision you had when you first started developing the title? 

Takashi Shiraga: I think we’ve been able to fulfill one of the visions we had when we started development for this project, which was to succeed as a high-quality free-to-play game for mobile devices. We’ve been able to conclude the “Warrior of Light” act without making any compromises to the direction, voice acting, effects, scenario, etc., while many players continue to enjoy the game. Our other vision to continue evolving isn’t a goal that can ever really be completed; rather, it’s a method of approach that we keep in mind at all times as we work with the development team to continue creating this game.

JB: Are there any challenges that come with being one of the many Final Fantasy games available on mobile devices right now? Do you think competition within the series on mobile, in particular, is ultimately beneficial to the project? 

TS: There aren’t any challenges in particular. The direction of each of these titles differs, so there isn’t competition with respect to them all being on the high-quality track. In fact, there are people who play several of these games at the same time because the titles are part of the Final Fantasy series. I think this is beneficial because it prevents any boredom that could arise more quickly by continuing to play one single game.

JB: Why did the team decide to bring Mobius Final Fantasy to PC and has the performance of that version of the game met your expectations? 

TS: In the past, our development team released a Steam version of the Final Fantasy XIII series, where we were able to recruit a good number of players. With the know-how gained from this past experience, as well as the fact that this is a high-quality game to which PC users would likely have a strong affinity, we decided to put this game on PC. Seeing the excitement at the PC version’s release and the number of players who continue to play actively makes me feel that we’ve been successful.

JB: Does the team have any interest in a Switch port, given the console’s mobile capability and its success both overseas and in Japan? 

TS: The game is designed with the expectation that there should be a constant network connection, so I think it’s best kept in its current forms on mobile and PC.

JB: In anticipation of the game’s third anniversary, what special events or new features do you plan on bringing to the game? 

TS: To commemorate our third anniversary, we’re holding a Final Fantasy VIII collaboration special event and have implemented an Achievement System. The Final Fantasy VIII collaboration is a substantial work to which we’ve dedicated a great amount of effort. This is also a region that the development team had fun creating; we tried incorporating the original title’s Draw System in a way that works well with the Mobiuus Final Fantasy battle system, and we added stories to the scenario that might make you chuckle if you’re familiar with the original game.

I hope you’ll try playing all the way through this region to enjoy these parts for yourself. The Achievement System gives meaning to new goals for various contents. While you’re out there collecting titles, it’s my hope that you’ll gain an even deeper enjoyment of the various content that perhaps you hadn’t touched upon much in the past.

JB: With that, do you plan on having any upcoming collaborations with upcoming Final Fantasy titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition?

TS: We’re always in search of new collaborators, but right now I’m not able to divulge which titles we could be working with.

JB: How do you ensure that Mobius Final Fantasy still stay enticing or interesting to new players three years in?

TS: The collaboration-related events are the main thing driving that goal. During collaborations, we try to think of content that fully draws out the fun of the original titles while still structuring things so that even beginners can get into the game easily. That way, people who don’t normally play mobile games can still enjoy them.

JB: How do you go about keeping the game refreshing for veteran players all these years later? 

TS: We consciously try to offer a constant stream of content like the “Endless War” or “Pandemonium,” as well as introduce new systems like the Achievement System. Additionally, we release new jobs and cards, each with various adjustments in place and few facets added for fresh ways to play.

I feel this lets people experiment in their gameplay, and that it goes well with the tower element specific to Mobius Final Fantasy. There, players can use new battle tactics born from those new jobs and cards while constantly strategizing about how to win against enemies that grow ever stronger. We are conscious of adjusting the towers, new jobs, and new cards so as not to compromise that element.

JB: Where do you see Mobius Final Fantasy going over the course of the next three years? 

TS: We want to make sure we never forget our vision of “continuing to evolve,” remaining conscious of that as we keep developing the game to be more fun than ever!

You can play Mobius Final Fantasy for free right now on PC, iOS, or Android devices.

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