Mochibi Announces Persona 5 Plushes

Mochibi Announces Persona 5 Plushes

The new line of Persona 5 Mochibi plushes are guaranteed to take our hearts.

Mochibi has established its brand over the past several years by making iconic anime characters into cylindrical plush dolls that look cute and sell like hotcakes. Earlier this week, the company announced that it is teaming up with Persona developer Atlus to create an all-new line of Mochibi plushes based on characters from Persona 5.

In a tweet from the official Mochibi Twitter account, the company announced that the new line of plushes will arrive in 2021, saying, “the Phantom Thieves will be stealing the hearts of #Mochibi fans everywhere in 2021.”

This is not the first time that Atlus and Mochibi have teamed up to create cute plushes. In 2019, the two worked together to make exclusive Morgana and Jack Frost plushes only available from the Atlus booth for the Anime Expo 2019.

Responding to a tweet asking about leftovers from Anime Expo 2019, Mochibi said that there are still several plushes leftover from the event last year so they might do a giveaway.

The Twitter account has all but confirmed in the comments that the Morgana will be returning as a plush, but hasn’t said much on what other characters will be included in the set and if they will only be from Persona 5 or if they’ll include characters from this year’s Persona 5: Royal.

Additionally, Mochibi confirmed that they’re “working on” international shipping as the company has been primarily U.S. based.

Earlier this year, Atlus released Persona 5: Royal which was met with positive reviews across the board. You can check out DualShockers’ Allisa James’ review of the game right here.

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