Modern-Day Batman Ninja Action Figure Announced By Star Ace Toys

Star Ace Toys has announced the upcoming modern-day Batman action figure as part of the Batman Ninja line, inspired by the 2018 anime adaptation. 

The Hong Kong-based company has an array of exquisite figures from comic books, Harry Potter, and other pop culture fandoms.

The modern-day Batman figure is a unique addition to the Batman Ninja line, with an added Deluxe version up for grabs that comes with three, additional pieces.

BATMAN NINJA – Japanese Trailer English Subs (12/01 release)

BATMAN NINJA – Japanese Trailer English Subs (12/01 release)

What is Batman Ninja?

Credit: HeyUGuys

Batman Ninja is a Japanese anime adaptation of the popular DC character, directed by Junpei Mizusaki, animated by Kamikaze Douga and YamatoWorks, and produced by Warner Bros..

The adaptation puts the Dark Knight in a feudal Japan setting, where he must face the Joker without his usual high-tech gadgets. Several of Batman’s allies, including Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, all aid the Caped Crusader’s plight, and the anime also features several DC villains, including Bane, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and Catwoman.

The anime was a huge success within the fandom, offering a fresh aesthetic to the Batman narrative, and provided a stunning backdrop which was vastly different to the Gotham City we are accustomed to.

When Will the Batman Ninja Figure Release? What Will it Cost?

Credit: Star Ace Toys

The 12-inch modern-day Batman figure will be released between November 2021 and January 2022, with a $299 price tag.

The modern-day variant accompanies the stunning Samurai Version that was added to the line back in April.

The original variant is based on Batman’s technology from the anime, before the character is transported back to feudal Japan. The cowl’s eyes light up green with the Batsuit lined with blue lighting across the chest armor. The figure also comes with a Batarang, grappling gun, interchangeable hands, and a stand.

The Deluxe version costs $315 and includes an alternate Bruce Wayne head, spear, and the Quake Engine. Bruce Wayne’s head is impeccably designed with impressive detail, and the figure’s various accessories will set collector’s eyes alight.

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