Modern Warfare 2 10th Prestige Hack

When you think of people who hack, it is usually someone who wants to give the illusion of being good at a game, from wall hacks to aimbots, they all work at giving some gamers a feeling of gratification. Well, if you thought hackers would call it a day after the Javelin hack, then you are more naive than you look. (Yes, I am aware of the boosting hack as well as the other glitches) It seems like the hottest hack is a PS3 exclusive (for now). This hack is one that will get you to your 10th prestige in only a few minutes.


What you do is you download some save files and throw them on a flashdrive. After that you copy the files onto your PS3. Then you turn on your PS3 and open multiplayer to get the playlists and such. Go to split screen and load up the hack save, after getting errors you open up the gsy save and then go to multiplayer and you are lvl70, then you enable prestige and you are on your 10th prestige. However, this hack does not modify your stats, so most players will know you are bulls***.

Personally, I don’t know why you would hack. If your self-esteem is that low, I don’t think having a 10th prestige will really make it any better… Check out the video for a complete walk through and the needed files. I, for one, will not be doing this, I’m an honest gamer. Let’s hope Infinity Ward fixes this as soon as they can, and I also hope they roll back stats on those players that use this hack.

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