Modern Warfare 2 Expansion and Natal Hitting 360 in 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Expansion and Natal Hitting 360 in 2010

CES 2010, although primarily being an expo for upcoming consumer electronics and services has expanded it’s reach more and more into the land of video games. This year has been no different as both Microsoft and Sony have been using the show to not only boast about sales figures but also talk about future plans and ideas that are coming down the pipeline.

Microsoft’s keynote at E3 2009 may have not been as stellar as years passed but it did showcase much promise for the future. Two of the biggest standouts were Project Natal and the promise of (timed exclusive) Modern Warfare 2 DLC. Well it turns out after the announcement yesterday, Microsoft has made good on both the Modern Warfare 2 expansion as well as Natal hitting the Xbox 360 this year.

n exact date hasn’t been announced for either but what we do know is we can expect the motion-sensing natal add-on to hit store shelves this coming holiday. While Activision has released this statement regarding the MW2 Expansion.

“Modern Warfare 2 is a timed exclusive, available firston Xbox 360 this Spring”

While we don’t know all of the details regarding either, we do know more than we did a few weeks ago, and as we all know, that knowing is half the battle.