Modern Warfare 2 Getting New Patch Early This Morning

on December 22, 2009 10:40 PM

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about all the glitches and general pandemonium that the 1.06 patch caused with Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live. From players entering a never ending 16 person FFA on Rust to a game that is sped up so much that players voices sound like chipmunks, the glitches have been fucking out of control. Sorry for the strong language, but when the glitches cause people to quit playing a game until it’s patched…I think that’s a strong indication of something being out of control. Luckily, an end is in sight as Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling, recently posted this on his twitter account;

Alright, just got word the #MW2 Xbox 360 patch should start going live at 2 AM. You can now remove my face from your dartboards… for now.

Personally, I’m going to wait to take down the picture from my dartboard because if this patch is anything like the last one. Heads are going to roll.


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