Modern Warfare 2 PC Pushed to Novermber 24th

European PC gamers who were anticipating the release of Modern Warfare 2 around the same time as their console counterparts will probably want a pillow to bite on or to scream into – and I mean this in the most non-homosexual way. You’ve read the headline, but if you’re encourage to read what I have to say, then continue reading, my friends.

The PC version of the successor to one of the most played FPS’s, Modern Warfare 2, will be MIA for a couple of weeks, according to Electronic Theater. The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 has been pushed back in Europe to November 24 as apposed to the once slated November 10th, which once coincided with the console release dates.

The confirmation comes from a recent Activision-Blizzard release schedule which depicts every version of the game scheduled for their November 10th release date except, of course, the PC version. Whether or not this push will affect the North American release for the PC version is questionable; but we’re pretty confident that it’s coming.

I do feel bad for PC folks. But, those two weeks of holding off sure pays off with the higher resolution textures and higher framerates your monster will be pumping out while losers like us will be playing the intense campaign mode and engaging in gripping multiplayer and co-op gameplay on our inferior consoles. /endSarcasm

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