Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing

By Evan Velez

November 10, 2009

Today marks the release of Infinity Ward’s much anticipated game Modern Warfare 2. With three editions released, most bought the regular edition and a good amount bought hardened as well, but there is one edition reserved for those who are crazy enough to fork out $149.99, that version is the Prestige Edition.

The Prestige Edition comes with the metal case version of Modern Warfare 2, a voucher for Call of Duty Classic, an art book, and a model “Soap” Mactavish head. The model head being a display for the Night Vision Goggles that were included with the Prestige Edition.

I purchased the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 and after a 4 month long wait, it arrived today. Upon opening the box, my face lit up when I saw the size of the box. I mean, who doesn’t like getting a nice big box of greatness. The stand came in plastic packaging that made me think of the way they package happy meal prizes. After assembling the stand, it was time to try out the NVGs. The night vision goggles work surprisingly well, I was extremely pleased with the goggles, since I thought that they would be more like a cheap toy. The biggest down side to the goggles was that I thought I would hear that iconic Sam Fisher/Splinter Cell power up noise.

I would have to say that overall, this package is definitely pretty sweet, and I know I will be having a blast with the NVGs. Now I just have to find a nice spot to display my goggles with model head. Go watch the video and enjoy Modern Warfare 2!

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