Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' is Now Live on XBLM? Yes, Question Mark Needed

By Yaris Gutierrez

March 30, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 players will be more than excited to hear this news, guaranteed. Almost an hour ago, the “Stimulus Package” DLC bundle, which includes three new multiplayer maps and two familiar maps from Call of Duty 4, was released on Xbox 360. Now, the best part of this whole thing is the price. For those of you who weren’t aware of this DLC’s cost, it’s $15 – kind of expensive, you might thing; and you’re absolutely correct. That’s three day’s worth of Subway sandwiches of your choice. But, knowing that there are hardcore Modern Warfare 2 followers, Infinity Ward is confident that the so called “Stimulus Package” will do well.

Unfortunately, though, there might be a slight problem for those of you who have already purchased the maps, which might ensue a mirror-punching frenzy. The problem at hand? The new maps aren’t loading in-game for everyone. Commence hair pulling… now. Major Nelson tweeted that the game needs a little update in order to incorporate the new content, which he states will be coming fairly soon. We’ll update this post once everything is in order.

Did you really expect anything less from Infinity Ward? Zing!

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