Modern Warfare 2 Worth $40 Trade-In @ GameStop

Modern Warfare 2 Worth $40 Trade-In @ GameStop

Modern Warfare 2 Worth  Trade-In @ GameStop

Hey everybody. I know a lot of you are thinking, why would I trade in my beloved Modern Warfare 2? I also know a lot of you are thinking, I can still get $40 back for this piece of trash? The answer is maybe you do, maybe you do not, but yes you can still get a whopping $40 back for Modern Warfare 2!  Read more for the full scoop.

Modern Warfare 2 Worth  Trade-In @ GameStopNormally, I do not trade in my games. When the team here at DualShockers discuss game trade-ins, we all have our own style of doing things. While Chad Awkerman is a niche Role Playing Game collector, he has been expanding his horizons in the gaming realm this generation and found titles he simply could not hold on to.  Our Editor-in-Chief Yaris Gutierrez has an impressive library of games this gen and has never traded in a single game. He even kept X-Blades!

Modern Warfare 2 Worth  Trade-In @ GameStopThe RPG craving that tempted me to pick up Modern Warfare 2 and head to Gamestop today was Final Fantasy XIII.  I now have the game paid in full by only trading in two games, thanks to the limited time +50% bonus going on with trade-ins at GameStop. Don’t be fooled into the pre-order program right now, check to see which one would earn you the most money first.  My total off the price of Final Fantasy XIII would have only been $40 trade-in credit normally but thanks to this offer it was over $60, it even covered my taxes and got me a 39 cents on debit. This bonus will be going on until 3/15/10 but be aware that GameStop does change their trade-in values at any time without warning. If you were thinking about trading this game in, now is the time! Run for the Hills!

If you are the hardcore collector type, I can certainly see the point in retaining your copy of any said game.  In this case, Modern Warfare 2 was the game that drove me to make my first trade-in this generation.  With the Activision and Infinity Ward fiasco going on I don’t know what to think about the future of Call of Duty but I do know that there will be plenty of games in the franchise to come.