Modern Warfare 3 "Leak" Was a Leak After All

I’m sure that I cannot be alone on this, but when I woke up to see that Kotaku broke the news about Modern Warfare 3 with the word ‘leak’ in the title, I said to myself “yeah, right” I thought that this ‘leak’ was nothing more than the first wave of public relations stunts that would be unleashed all the way up to the title’s launch in November, apparently this wasn’t the case. As it turns out, Eric Hirshberg, Activision’s Publishing CEO woke up to a “nightmare” the morning of the leak.

The rest of that day was spent with Hirshberg and the rest of his team figuring out what to do next. After much deliberation, the team decided to just go with it. Through their most prominent forms of direct-to-consumer contact like Facebook, Youtube, and Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling, they pretty much said “Look, we didn’t schedule this. This wasn’t something we had planned. But everyone seems excited, so we’re just going to roll with it. So here they are, a couple of assets that weren’t scheduled to be out for another couple of weeks, we’re going to release ’em to you today.”

What’s crazy about this is how they handled it. Usually when companies have such huge leaks, they’ll just wait it out until no one’s talking about it anymore (SEE: Apple Gizmodo scandal). But in this case they took advantage of a hype train that had an early and unscheduled departure. Here’s to hoping for more leaks between now and E3!


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