ModNation Racers Beta Starts December 18

on December 8, 2009 12:32 PM

The PlayStation blog has finally released the starting date for the ModNation Racers beta. The beta will be starting on December 18. This is the perfect time for this beta to drop though, since semester will be ending and people will have time to just sit down and recreate their favorite Mario Kart stages from the Super Nintendo.

If you aren’t familiar with ModNation Racers, it is a cart racer game that follows the Play, Create, and Share syle of Little Big Planet. The characters are fully customizeable and they all look like Urban Vinyl, which is an awesome art style.

The beta runs until January 10, so I would advise people who don’t subscribe to Qore, or who haven’t purchased the LBP GOTY to check for info HERE. You have until the 13th of December to register.

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