Moero Chronicle For PC Gets Opening Movie Full of Half-Dressed Monster Girls

on August 7, 2017 4:30 PM

Idea Factory International launched the opening movie for their dungeon crawler RPG Moero Chronicle, coming to PC-via Steam in the west on August 16.

The opening movie introduces the main characters including Otton as well as the antagonist who is turning the monster girls ferrell. Additionally, the game features a system where players will be able to change the girl’s underwear in order to change some of their stats, which is shown a bit in the movie. There is also a system that allows players to rub the girls in order to rid them of the dark illness (if it consumes them) or to get closer to them and raise the relationship level.

At its core, Moero Chronicle is a dungeon crawling RPG with many enemy and boss types along with a wide variety of attacks, magic, and items to be discovered. Furthermore, the game hosts a large available cast of characters to add to your party who each resemble attractive monster girls.

Moero Chronicle was originally a Vita exclusive, but will release on the west for PC in order to deliver the full game unchanged. Idea Factory International informed DualShockers that if this release does well they’ll consider the other entries in the series to receive the same treatment.

Recently, the publisher revealed a digital deluxe version containing a digital artbook and wallpapers.

You can watch the opening movie below:

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