Mojang Wants to Track Players, Asks Permission

on January 26, 2012 10:45 AM

Marcus “Notch” Persson, the brains behind indie mining success Minecraft, has asked permission from players to collect “non-private” data on how people play the game, hinting that they may see a player tracking feature of sorts in the near future.

Wrote Notch: “This would work by having the game connect to and send some anonymous and non-private data about the game, such as current game mode (single player, multiplayer), operating system (windows? mac?), how long you’ve been playing for (so we know how long a game session is), and whether or not you’re playing the downloaded game, or the applet on the webpage.”

“It would probably connect every ten minutes or so so we can get some semi-realtime data. We’d share the data with the community, as usual,” he added. “Naturally, the data sent will be fully anonymous, so it wouldn’t contain any session information or your user name, and it wouldn’t send any sensitive information that you might not want to share.”

Notch, ever mindful of his subjects, took a public poll, with 86 percent giving him the green light to forge ahead with his plan. It will be interesting to see what additions to the game come from this scrutiny of how Minecraft is played.

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