Mona Lisa Recreated Using Super Mario World Sprites (Yes Really!)

Mona Lisa Recreated Using Super Mario World Sprites (Yes Really!)

Although technically they're Super Mario World sprites found in Super Mario Maker 2 but you get the picture. Pun intended.

More proof that there’s some crazy talented people out there: a Reddit user recently posted on the site what seems at first glance to be an image of one the most famous paintings in history. Then you look a little closer and realize something is very different. Then you look even closer and, after listix states what they accomplished, you notice pieces of sprite art from Super Mario World actually slotting together to recreate said famous painting:


And here’s the unedited original photo, as uploaded on Imgur:


According to their comment from Imgur: “I made a program that takes an image, a set of sprites from [Super] Mario Maker 2 and outputs the same image but approximated using the sprites of the game. Currently its[sic] only using the tiles from the airship level.”

The program they used, by the way, is Python 3 and they even uploaded a repository with all the coding so others can take a look or even try their own hand at it. They’re also working on making the code more accessible to use by others, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more polished this project can get.

Super Mario Maker 2 surpassed over 2 million course uploads in under two weeks. Crunching the numbers, that means that since releasing on June 28th, the community has uploaded somewhere around 182,000 levels each and every day. The title also made top selling game on the UK sales charts for two weeks in a row, which is quite the impressive feat.

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