Mondo Museum Will Allow Players to Curate the Exhibits of Their Dreams

Mondo Museum Will Allow Players to Curate the Exhibits of Their Dreams

Viewport Games' upcoming management sim Mondo Museum allows players to create museums where imagination is the limit.

Unless you hate fun and knowledge, you’d definitely been to a museum you’ve liked at least once in your life. Developer Viewport Games and publisher Kitfox Games are bringing Mondo Museum, a management simulator that centers on curating exhibits of their own museum. Whether it’d be a history museum or a science museum, players will have plenty of artifacts and objects to place in their own spaces.

The game touts over 100 items to mix and match from multiple collections, such as dinosaur fossils and objects relating to space exploration. Players will not only curate the exhibits but the theatres and gift shops as well, controlling every aspect of the museum experience for the virtual visitors. And the visitors themselves and their movements must be managed, as are the actual staff of the museum, including researchers, conservators, and docents to take care of the displays.

Management simulators have covered a number of different familiar industries and areas, such as theme parks, zoos, and cities at large. A museum simulator should fit in well with those titles, as fans of that genre would undoubtedly have ideas on how to craft their own experiences. There will certainly be challenges for players, with a fact sheet citing VIP visitors and “a shaky-looking dinosaur skeleton.”

I haven’t played too many management games like this since childhood, but I’m curious enough to see what Mondo Museum has to offer. I for one would like to see if the framing of the game acknowledges museums as instruments of colonialism to any degree. I also didn’t see any elements of art museums in the trailer or screenshots, so I’d like to see if that will be implemented in the final game.

Mondo Museum will be on Steam in 2020, and users can add it to their wish list. Be sure to check out the trailer and a gallery of screenshots below. Recent titles from Kitfox Games include Fit For a King, with Lucifer Within Us on the way.