Monkey King: Hero Is Back for PS4 Announced; Co-Developed by Sony Japan Studio

Monkey King: Hero Is Back for PS4 Announced; Co-Developed by Sony Japan Studio

Sony and October Media announce Monkey King: Hero is Back for PS4 at PlayStation's ChinaJoy press conference.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted its press conference just before the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) in Shanghai, that officially starts tomorrow.

During the conference, Monkey King: Hero is Back for PS4 was officially announced, based on the 2015 movie directed by Tian Xiao Peng.

The game is co-developed by Chinese developer October Media and with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and published by Oasis Games. It will be a high level production, eventually destined for worldwide release.

Players will be able to play as Monkey King or Jiang Lieur, and it’s a monster-slaying adventure. The game will include the story of the film, but will also add new chapters and enemies.

The development team is collaborating with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio to utilize the performance of the PS4 as much as possible, and are trying to make the game look even better than the original film.

In addition to this game, the conference also saw the announcement of four PlayStation VR games from local Chinese studios, including the horror game Stifled, the fantasy combat game The Walker by Haymaker, the thriller Kill X by VIVA Games, and the RTS Legion Commander by ChangYou Games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia President Hiroyuki Oda also spelled the company’s strategy for the Chinese market on stage, involving the introduction of extraordinary games from overseas, the cultivation of excellent games from China, and the acquisition of unique Chinese IP.

You can check out the trailer of Monkey King: Hero is Back below, courtesy of Youku user 二柄APP. You can also find a YouTube upload at the bottom of the post in case Youku doesn’t work for you.