Monolith Soft is Urgently Hiring Planners, Programmers and Motion Designers

on January 7, 2014 8:49 PM

On their employment opportunities page, Monolith Soft has recently added several new positions, including for planners and designers.

The first urgent position is for Network Programmer, which I discussed in a previous article; the second for a Havoc Engine Shader. There are also three Planners positions open (essentially the Japanese equivalent of a designer):

  1. Game Planner– Will be in charge of the overall game. must have previous consumer game production experience, as well as experience with making and presenting proposals (most likely for game concepts and ideas).
  2. City Planner– Will be in charge of the town part of the game, and must have previous script writing and programming experience.
  3. Battle Algorithm Planner– Will be in charge of writing enemy AI and scripting.

Once an applicant applies for a Planner position by submitting their work experience, they must specify which of the three they prefer. Another urgent position available is for a Motion Designer, which has no specific requirements other than game production experience. Applicants must submit a CV and portfolio of past works.

Interesting to see the studio hiring for what looks to be a sizable title, most likely the upcoming project X.

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