Monster Filled Puzzler GNOG Heading to PS4 and Morpheus in 2016

It’s not every day that you get to explore what goes on inside a colorful monster’s head, and in virtual reality no less, but that’s what developer KO-OP are looking to let you do in their new game GNOG.

The game is a joint effort between co-op and Double Fine Productions, with Double Fine lending a hand towards design feedback and production. GNOG is also product of Sony’s Indie Pub Fund program and as such is coming to PS4 and Morpheus first and to Steam and iOS later down the line.

The game certainly elicits much the same beautiful feeling that Hohokum did when it was first revealed, and much like Hohokum, GNOG has some pretty solid musical chops behind it with artist Marskye creating an original soundtrack for the game. The first track of which you can get a taste of in the teaser trailer below.

Each different monster head in the game will be totally unique, featuring their own puzzles and soundscapes. Beyond that though, we don’t have much in the way of details about how the game actually plays, though I suppose that’s part of the games exploratory premise.

You can check out the game’s trailer down below, and look for it to release on PS4 next year.

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