Monster Hunter Dominates Japan followed by AKB1/149 According to Major Retailer’s Sales Charts

Monster Hunter Dominates Japan followed by AKB1/149 According to Major Retailer’s Sales Charts

Like every Monday morning the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya released its sales charts, that are normally considered a good glimpse on the previous week’s market situation in the archipelago of the rising sun due to the fact that the retailer chain has a large number of stores spread in the whole country.

Here’s the top twenty for the week betwen September the 9th and September the 15th:

  1. Monster Hunter 4 – 3DS
  2. AKB1/149 Renai Sosenkyo (limited edition) – PS3
  3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle – PS3
  4. Splinter Cell: Blacklist – PS3
  5. AKB1/149 Renai Sosenkyo – PS3
  6. Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue – PSP
  7. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 3DS
  8. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 3DS
  9. Killzone: Mercenary – PS Vita
  10. Puppeteer – PS3
  11. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – PS Vita
  12. Uta no Prince Sama: MUSIC 2 – PSP
  13. Tomodachi Collection: New Life – 3DS
  14. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – PS3
  15. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – PS3
  16. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 3DS
  17. Youkai Watch – 3DS
  18. Lost Planet 3 – PS3
  19. Call of Duty: Black Ops II – PS3
  20. Luigi’s Mansion 2 – 3DS

Monster Hunter 4‘s domination is entirely unsurprising, with reported queues of hundreds of people waiting to purchase the game in front of many stores since the very early morning hours on Saturday. We’re probably looking at extremely big numbers when the Media Create charts are going to come out on Wednesday.

AKB1/149 Renai Sosenkyo‘s second place is a little more surprising, considering that it’s the PS3 port of a game released last year on PSP and PS Vita. It testifies the continuing popularity of the AKB48 idol group and of its numerous spinoffs.

The most surprising (at least for us westerners) fact may be the presence of not one, but two PSP Games on the top 20, with Uta no Prince Sama: MUSIC 2 holding in the chart after dominating the Media Create ones last week, and the Otome visual novel Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue making a strong debut this week. Looks like Japanese lady gamers still love their PSP.