Monster Hunter Player Slays in Awesome Bone-Chilling Cosplay

April 8, 2022

Featured Image by Nikolay Zharov @nikolay_photo
Russian Monster Hunter player Aliza Cosplay adorns herself in hand-crafted and 3D printed skulls and bones for an intimidating recreation of the game’s bone armor set.

In a world teeming with winged beasts and massive fanged creatures, Monster Hunter World invites its players to become the ultimate hunter. Though the game originally released in 2018, players continue to flock to the game to challenge themselves in combat – proven by the game’s concurrent player numbers of up to nearly 27,000 people.


As with most multiplayer games, Monster Hunter World fosters a thriving community of fans. These fans continue to show their appreciation for the game in a number of ways, from gorgeous illustrations to incredible recreations of in-game outfits. One fan, Russian cosplayer AlizaCosplay, paid her own tribute to the game with a phenomenal recreation of a bone-themed armor set.


Being an action-oriented RPG, Monster Hunter World gives its players freedom to craft their own character. This character, the appropriately titled “Hunter,” is tasked with tracking down and killing monsters throughout the New World. Of course, players are rewarded with loot of all kinds – including a variety of armor sets.

Inspired by the game’s imposing skeletal armor sets, Russian cosplayer and crafter AlizaCosplay fashioned her own version of the Bone Armor Set. From the fine-detail painting on the bones to the leathercraft, her cosplay looks as impressive in real life as it does in-game.

The monster skull helm is originally a model created by costumer and designer Willow Creative. Taking her STL files and 3D printing the helmet, Aliza then went on to sand, smooth, and paint it. The resulting effect is incredibly realistic, though with a bit of shine for that extra flair.

The armor set itself is comprised of five major pieces – the helmet, mail, vambrances, coil, and greaves. Small bones, crafted from thermoplastic then cast in resin, adorn each piece. Considering just the time it took to hand-make each of the decorative pieces is staggering, not to mention the additional wig styling and clothing creation.

Despite the long hours this cosplay inevitably took to create, it’s a fantastic rendering of a Monster Hunter World character. Though we have no mythical beings here to slay, AlizaCosplay fits the part of the Hunter perfectly.

To see more of her cosplay work, check her out on Instagram or her Twitter. For any World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy fans, it seems like Shadowlands Sylvanas and Tifa Lockheart are next on her list!

Monster Hunter World is available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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