Monster Hunter Rise Gold Amiibo Announced, Will be Some of The Rarest Yet

Monster Hunter Rise Gold Amiibo Announced, Will be Some of The Rarest Yet

The Amiibo will be exclusive to a lottery at 7-11 convenience stores in Japan.

Over the years, Nintendo has released some very rare Amiibo. There’s the Qbby Amiibo, that was exclusive to Japan, the Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo and The Squid Sisters double pack to name but a few. Now, Capcom Japan has confirmed a new set of Monster Hunter Amiibo that are about to take their place as some of the rarest released so far.

The Amiibo, which are a trio of gold monsters from the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, are exclusive to Japan and won’t be available for purchase. Instead, they will be raffled off as prizes for fans who purchase special lottery tickets through 7-11 convenience stores.

The lottery tickets will be available for purchase between January 25 and April 11 and the competition will have a total of 711 prizes. It’s unclear as of yet how many of these prizes will be the special Amiibo, however, the numbers are likely to be very low and thus, the Amiibo extremely rare.

For fans who are looking forward to the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise and are looking to get their Amiibo fix, fear not. Capcom and Nintendo have already confirmed that a set of three Amiibo will be released for the upcoming game. Players can get their hands on both a Palamute and Palico Amiibo as well as one of the game’s monsters, the Magnamalo. The Amiibo will be exclusive to Gamestop in the US, EB Games in Canada, and the My Nintendo store in Europe.

Monster Hunter Rise is set for release for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. The latest entry in Capcom’s incredibly popular series was announced for the Nintendo Switch last year and currently has a demo available. The demo has faced a series of issues since it launched, something which Capcom has confirmed, apologised for and assured fans will be fixed for release.

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