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Monster Hunter Rise PC: Golden Muck Locations and Uses

Need Golden Muck? Here's where to look.

January 13, 2022

It’s safe to say that Monster Hunter Rise has been a success.

There has been constant chatter about the game on social media, stellar reviews and pictures of queues across the world as people wait to grab their copy of the game.

The release of Rise is a perfect storm. It comes off the back of Capcom’s most successful title ever, Monster Hunter World, and is also releasing on one of the most popular consoles of all time, the Nintendo Switch.

Because of this, new players are trying their hands at the series for the first time ever and inevitably, they have questions.

One of these relates to the Golden Muck item – here’s where you can find it and how you can use it.

Monster Hunter Rise | Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise | Launch Trailer

What is Golden Muck?

Golden Muck is a monster part within Monster Hunter Rise.

It’s used for crafting a range of weapons, as well as the Almudron Armor within the game.

Where can I find Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise PC?

Golden Muck is looted from the Monster named Almudron in both the Nintendo Switch and PC version of the game.

This particular species can be found in one of three locations throughout the game. They are as follows:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Sandy Planes
  • Flooded Forest

When fighting the Almudron, hunters have the chance of finding them as a drop. The item has a 30% chance of dropping on its own, or a 25% chance of dropping as a pair.

It also has a 22% chance of being a Target Reward or a 13% chance of being a Capture Reward.

Image: Monster Hunter Rise Website

How to defeat Almudron

The main priority when fighting Almudron is attacking the tail. This part is covered in thick mud, making the monster incredibly strong.

It is a water elemental monster with a three-star weakness to fire, two-star to ice and one-star to thunder.

Of all the status ailments that can be afflicted on Almudron, Fireblight is by far the most effective and players should try and utilise this.

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