Monster Hunter Rise Gets Two New Japanese Commercials

Monster Hunter Rise Gets Two New Japanese Commercials

The two new Monster Hunter Rise Japanese TV commercials packs in plenty of gameplay, including of the new Wire Bug mechanic.

Capcom released two new Japanese Monster Hunter Rise its official YouTube channel. Each TV spot shows off monster hunting as well as the brand new Wire Bug mechanic, which was first introduced during the Special Program livestream back in September of last year:

On January 7th, Capcom held a special event for Monster Hunter Rise, revealing a new trailer and how the demo will be available later that same day. However, the Monster Hunter Rise demo will only be playable until February 1st, at 3PM ET. Capcom also wishes to hear your thoughts on the event through a survey.

Said demo’s popularity saw the digital storefront suffer massive slowdowns as a result. However, it’s not just the eShop that has been facing some issues, as players are reporting that the game itself is stuttering. Our in-depth impressions piece also mentions the issue. However, it seems as if the issue isn’t related to an internet connection, but potentially the primary Nintendo Account.

Lastly, the event did not detail The Rampage mechanic of Monster Hunter Rise yet. The only thing we’ve heard is how we’ll have to prepare the village to face it. The Rampage was teased in Japanese interviews and in the previous trailer revealed at The Game Awards 2020. This game mechanic was first teased in one of the first Japanese trailers for the game using the kanji 百竜夜行, which is a pun on Japanese idiom 百鬼夜行, Hyakki Yagyo, designing a horde of Youkai.

You can read more details on MH Rise with the Japanese interviews on the game we translated. The release date of Monster Hunter Rise has been set for a worldwide launch on March 26th, 2021. Moreover, another brand new game in the series, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is coming to Switch worldwide in Summer 2021.

You can preorder the Monster Hunter Rise Regular Edition and Deluxe Edition on Amazon to support DualShockers.