Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - How To Beat Lunagaron

Besting monsters isn't easy. This guide will help new players beat the second of the Three Lords, Lunagaron.

By Aku

August 6, 2022

The second part of Monster Hunter Rise’s massive expansion will have you hunt more new and powerful monsters. Of those monsters, you’ll eventually have to face Lunagaron. It is the second of the Three Lords and the monster that you met in the Shrine Ruins before being tasked to travel to Elgado.

Like the hunt against Garangolm, Fiorayne will assist you here as well. The quest will also take place in the Citadel. Lunagaron can be very overwhelming for unprepared hunters. If you want an easier time combating the second Lord, this guide should tell you everything you need to know to be successful.


Lunagaron’s Attacks

Contrary to Garangolm, Lunagaron’s attacks are swift and strategic. Moves to take note of are one where it performs a somersault while breathing ice downwards and one where it dashes around in a zigzag-like formation, the latter of which it will sometimes perform after the former. It regularly does bites and tail swipes, sometimes to hit hunters behind it. The Lunagaron will also pounce at hunters from a distance. It’s capable of breathing icy mist in a narrow path in front of it. It will cover its claws and tail in ice as it gets closer to being enraged.

When fully enraged, the Lunagaron will cover its entire body in ice and reel back to let out a roar, all while changing its stance to stand on two legs. It will hit harder and faster with many new moves, incorporating its claws into more of its attacks, but they’ll be easier to predict. One attack to be very mindful of is a stab it does with its claws as it lunges forward; it doesn’t deal with any serious knockback, but the damage is scary. It also does an attack where it swipes its claws two to four times while stepping forward. Both of these attacks tend to follow the previously mentioned somersault attack. It also has a new move where it’ll dig its claws into the ground and swipe it out, directing a shockwave at any distant hunters which will launch them high into the air. The Lunagaron’s super-powerful move will have it jump forward with a double claw swipe, knocking the hunter down and stunning them. It’s a deadly fast and powerful attack, but the hitbox is smaller than it seems and it leaves the monster vulnerable for a while after performing it.

Lunagaron’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Lunagaron is resistant to Water, Ice, Poison, and Paralysis. It also takes less damage to its torso and hind legs. Focusing your attacks on the head, forelegs, and abdomen will be very useful if you want to knock its icy coating off and topple it. In terms of elemental damage, Fire, Thunder, and Blast are the best elements to use against it. Dragon is also a weakness, but it’s more resistant to it than the previously mentioned elements.

Weapon Type Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want damage, the types of attacks that deal the most are from severing and blunt weapons. Blunt weapons are a bit better since they deal more damage to the Lunagaron’s head and back, while it ties with severing weapons in every other body part. However, because of how easy its attacks are to dodge when it’s enraged, Gunner weapons will be a great benefit to you in spite of their weaker raw damage. Weapons that have a low-end lag between their attacks and the ability to dodge quickly will be great here. Great weapons would be either the Hammer, Hunting Horn, or Gunner weapons with Fire elements.

Helpful Armor and Skills

If you want the easiest time, you should bring armor that’s resistant to Ice elemental damage. You can also increase your Ice resistance with Dango at the Canteen. There are other Dango that will be beneficial as well, such as ones that give you the Dango Fighter skill and a new skill called Dango Driver, which increases your recoverable damage. As for armor skills, try to go for the Evade Window or Evade Extender skills to make dodging even easier for you. It would also help to have a Punishing Draw or Slugger to make it easier to stun the Lunagaron.

Lunagaron’s Location – The Citadel

The Citadel won’t be a new location at this point. Since the Lunagaron is an ice monster, it generally sticks to the icy caves and landscapes at the top of the map, spawning in Area 8. However, you may also find it staring at a Wirebug in Area 2 at the start of the quest (it won’t immediately attack you in this situation so why not take a good picture of it). If it’s in Area 8, you can get a Firebeetle on the way there to inflict it with Fireblight. If you make your way there along the bottom left and get to Area 10, you’ll find your Firebeetle on the route in front of the Ruby Wirebug. While you’re at it, take that as well. You can also try to go for the Thunderbeetle to easily stun it.

While the Lunagaron is resistant to Iceblight, it still has the added benefit of slowing the monster down. This will be useful when it gets enraged since its attacks will be faster than normal. You could have the chance of inflicting Iceblight while damaging it with a Barioth or Aurora Somnacanth if they’re on the map. If not, you can instead go for one of the two Snowbeetles in this location. The Snowbeetle on the ground in Area 8 is the easiest to find since it’ll possibly be in the same area as the Lunagaron.

That’s all you need to know to beat Lunagaron. If you keep this information in mind, there’s no doubt you and Fiorayne will be victorious. Make sure to stay on your toes so you don’t get overwhelmed by Lunagaron’s speed, and pay close attention to how it moves so you’ll have an even easier time hunting it in the future. Have fun!


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