Monster Hunter Rise Reveals The Rampage And New Bosses At The Game Awards 2020

Monster Hunter Rise Reveals The Rampage And New Bosses At The Game Awards 2020

Capcom revealed a new story and gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Rise at The Game Awards 2020, introducing The Rampage and new monsters.

Capcom revealed a brand new trailer for Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise at The Game Awards 2020. The trailer mixed gameplay and story elements, and revealed The Rampage, a story and gameplay mechanic which seems to consist of hordes of monsters attacking simultaneously. As you already know, Monster Hunter as a series is pretty much a constant boss rush mode. This seems to bring a new flavor to the formula, as with The Rampage, it looks like we’d be facing many powerful enemies at the same time.

While we’ve seen a story cutscnee introducing The Rampage, the trailer doesn’t give us a gameplay look at it yet. However, it does introduces several new monsters. Monster Hunter Rise has an ancient japan thematic, and the monster design clearly reflect that. They’re incredibly cool and menacing, with a Youkai feel.

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay from The Game Awards 2020 (English, Japanese dub)

In interviews we previously translated, the MH Rise staff answered several questions of the game. Most notably its volume. They also teased back then that the game would feature “hordes of Yokai’. The Rampage is what Capcom had in mind. Read all the details about those interviews here.

Monster Hunter Rise launches worldwide on March 26, 2021 on Switch. Another brand new game in the series, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is coming on Switch worldwide in Summer 2021. You can preorder Monster Hunter Rise on Amazon to help out DualShockers: Regular Edition, Deluxe Edition.

A live action Monster Hunter movie was released as well in China. However, the movie ended up encountering an issue with a problematic joke in its dialogue.

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