Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find the Dragonite Ore

By Mehrdad Khayyat

March 27, 2021

The Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore is a crucial item for crafting weapons. Here, you will learn how to collect these ores.

Character upgrade is an essential part of every role-playing game that you could imagine and Monster Hunter Rise is no exception. If you are in the midst of your exploration in the new Switch-exclusive Capcom entry, then you have probably faced a new material that you need to find: Dragonite Ore.

Where to Find the Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore

Finding the Dragonite Ore depends on the level of your character. If you are already a high-level character and you have unlocked the Lava Caverns region, you may find the Dragonite Ore in each of the available regions.

However, if you are a low-rank player, you can only collect Dragonite Ore from Lava Caverns. In order to unlock the region, you need to reach the four-star Village quests.

Once you entered Lava Caverns, look for the blue or white mining outcrops. Most of them include Dragonite Ore, so it won’t be that hard to collect them.

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What Can You Do With a Dragonite Ore?

As an item, Dragonite Ore can be used for crafting a long list of weapons and armors in the game. For example, building most of the bows such as Queen’s Bow, Dawn Ray Bow, Khezu Bow, and Steel Bow requires a certain amount of Dragonite Ore.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is a third-person action RPG, where the player creates his own character and starts playing as a Monster Hunter. While hunting monsters is a major part of your responsibilities, there are a lot of different quests available in the game that will help you to level-up your character and craft new weapons and items.

A PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is supposed to be released in 2022.

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