All Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo Unlocks And Where To Scan Them

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin has finally arrived on Windows PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch, so players are excited to get their hands on new Amiibo for the game.

When the game was first announced for Nintendo Switch, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter Stories 2 would get Amiibo. Now that the game has been released, here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Launch Trailer

What Is Amiibo?

For the unacquainted, Amiibo is a toys-to-life platform by Nintendo. It consists of a wireless communications and storage protocol that connects these figurines to Nintendo’s video game consoles.

Amiibo toys use near field communication (NFC) to interact with supported video game software, thus allowing data to be transferred in and out of games and across multiple platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo Unlocks

Since Capcom has put Amiibo unlocks in MH Stories 2, some of the stuff in the game is locked behind it. Each Amiibo unlocks a different special layered armor set in the game.

There are three Amiibo for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

  • Ena
  • Razewing Ratha
  • Tsukino

But the following Amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise also works on MH Stories 2.

  • Magnamalo
  • Palamute
  • Palico

So it makes up for a total of 6 Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo unlocks.

Where to scan amiibo?

You can scan the Amiibo at the Prayer Pot. Just select use an Amiibo from the Prayer Pot’s menu to scan an Amiibo on your Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Amiibo for MH Stories 2 Delayed

The Wings of Ruin Amiibos are exclusive to GameStop, and using them unlocks quests and special items. But it seems that the collectibles are short in stock on GameStop due to late deliveries. Hence they might not be available at all locations. This delay is expected to be at least a week long.

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